Following the successful project of spatial polymer disinfection, we have started our own production of polymer disinfectants and cleaning agents within the company WPD Trade & Technology a.s. The competitive advantage of our cleaning chemistry is the combination of disinfection and cleaning ingredients into one product. In addition, the use of polymeric ingredients ensures a long-lasting disinfecting effect. All this together saves significantly on cleaning costs and time. Overall, our cleaning and disinfecting products improve the microbiological level of the environment in plants and facilities, significantly reducing the organic load and thus also reducing the risks of disease transmission, mould formation etc., which has been clearly demonstrated by microbiological control swabs and tests. We now produce a complete range of disinfectant and cleaning chemicals for professional and household use.

More information is available HERE.
Cleaning and disinfection
We manufacture our own range of 2in1 polymer cleaning and disinfecting products.
Disinfection of premises
We provide the application of spatial disinfection with an effectiveness of up to 21 days.
Application of disinfection
Sales and service of equipment for application of disinfectants (stands, gates).
Sales of bio-ozone disinfection boxes.
Introduce us to the idea of your project.
We like to push ourselves further and expand our portfolio. Share your ideas with us and together we will make them happen.
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