Energy with a view to the future
The energy sector is historically the first sector that WERO started to focus on. Since 2008, it has been focusing on optimizing existing operations: companies, industrial plants and development projects. At the same time, it has been involved in energy development projects such as biogas plants, photovoltaic and hydroelectric power plants, as well as the acquisition of energy projects. We believe in a partnership between supplier and customer that is the only one that can achieve the desired effect. That is why we are happy to introduce ourselves to you as a partner - an energy specialist who can set up commodity and non-commodity energy for your facilities in a meaningful way. We provide comprehensive implementations including heat, cooling, potable, rainwater and wastewater, electricity including metering and billing. We cover projects from the energy study design phase through to implementation and handover to the customer.

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Our services
Audits and analyses
Be it operational, energy, technical or personnel. In cooperation with the Mining University in Ostrava, we guarantee you expertise.
Securing project financing for facility operators
We offer the EPC (Energy Performance Contracting or Energy Services with Guarantee) and EC (Energy Contracting as a method of repayment of invested funds by payments for delivered services) method for financing energy savings. We are able to arrange any type of financing.
Complete realization of orders
We provide contracts from A to Z - from the preparation of documentation to the evaluation of recommended measures for savings.
Advice on subsidy programmes
We are members of the Association of Operational Savings Providers, which is the guarantor of the correct use of subsidies.
Energy performance certificate for buildings
We will provide you with energy labels that provide information on electricity consumption, water consumption, noise level and so on.
Implementation of local distribution networks
For all new buildings we are able to provide our own local electricity network in cooperation with the developers.
Introduce us to the idea of your project.
We like to push ourselves further and expand our portfolio. Share your ideas with us and together we will make them happen.
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