Invest with us in Czech water and energy resources!
Through our own investment fund, WERO ČSEF SICAV, we enable qualified investors to invest with us in areas where it is difficult to make a capital and professional breakthrough from the position of an individual investor. We profile ourselves in areas such as water and energy, where we strive to achieve long-term sustainable high returns without unnecessary risk. We guarantee the highest level of portfolio and asset management in order to meet our and our clients' expectations. All our projects are unencumbered by long-term loans. We only put net SPVs with signed long-term contracts into the fund.
The CSEF AQUA sub-fund offers medium- or long-term investment in a diversified portfolio of projects with real capital, low volatility and attractive returns.
Recommended investment horizon: 5 years
Entry fee: up to 4%
Expected return on shares: 8% p.a.
Shareholder taxation: 0% after three years, 15% after less than three years
Saving water also means saving money.
We carry out comprehensive projects for the supply of drinking and domestic water from alternative sources.
The assessment of funds is supported by long-term contracts for minimum water supplies and related services.
WERO ČSEF SICAV, a.s. together with the subfund ČSEF AQUA is a fund of qualified investors according to Act No. 240/2013 Coll., on Investment Companies and Investment Funds. Only a qualified investor within the meaning of Section 272 of this Act may become an investor of the Fund.
Introduce us to the idea of your project.
We like to push ourselves further and expand our portfolio. Share your ideas with us and together we will make them happen.
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