Our main focus is the implementation of complex solutions in the field of water management.
Water is increasingly precious, and we address its issues with seriousness, passion and awareness of the importance of its protection. Our approach is based on 5 pillars that comprehensively ensure its optimal protection and use. Our solutions bring significant savings in the operation of industrial enterprises such as paper mills, companies with high water consumption in production, as well as spas, water parks and municipal swimming pools. We can recycle up to 70% of the water and thus save significant financial resources.

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SPM Štětí - kalolis
LÁZNĚ BECHYNĚ - swimming pool water treatment plant
Aquapark Vodní raj Jihlava - recycling and water treatment
SPM Štětí - kalolis
LÁZNĚ BECHYNĚ - swimming pool water treatment plant
Our services
New water sources
From hydrogeological surveys to the provision of an alternative water source.
Water treatment
Water treatment is a hot topic. Not only is there a lack of water in many places, but it is also often of insufficient quality. This can be caused by changes in underground water sources as well as in the bedrock.
Water recycling
At a time when water needs to be managed very conscientiously, water recycling is a great help. The added value is that, in addition to significant savings on water and sewerage charges, there is a reduction in energy consumption for heating water and also a reduction in chemical contamination of nature.
The dry season, "green" thinking and the rising cost of water are forcing us to make the most of natural water resources. Just as we can make drinking water from rivers, ponds, etc., we can also work with rainwater. Yes, rainwater is indeed available almost everywhere and its uses are very diverse.
Increasingly, the population is dealing with waste disposal and also contamination of nature by waste. It is therefore necessary to give this topic the attention it deserves. We will now focus on the relationship between waste and water. The amazing thing is that proper waste management can also bring about cost reductions.
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