COLORS OF FINANCE OSTRAVA - iPhone 15 competition
29. 11. 2023
Following this year's successful COLORS OF FINANCE 2023 in Ostrava, we want to thank everyone who visited our stand. We are glad that we could personally introduce our fund of qualified investors WERO ČSEF SICAV a.s. and also interesting opportunities for your clients and the possibility of cooperation with us. Many of you have also entered the iPhone 15 contest.

The competition tipping question was: How many KWh of green energy did the WERO company produce from 1.1.2023 to 4.10.2023. It's time to reveal the correct answer. The WERO company produced 7,314,888 kWh of green energy in the mentioned time period.

We congratulate the winner of our competition, Ms. Kristína Kozoňová Kadlubová, and here we bring you a short interview with her:

You have an interesting quote at the beginning of your LinkedIn profile: "You are responsible for what you say, not for how others understand it." Do you follow any other proverbs or wisdom?
Another favorite quote of mine: "Treat everyone with respect, not just the teams you want to impress." My husband is a great role model here.

You studied financial management at the master's level. Do you remember when you first thought that you would like to pursue this field? Did you have ambitions to devote yourself to something else?
When I was little, I wanted to become a doctor so that I could take care of my father, who had severe diabetes. Over time, however, I discovered that I am not at all a friend of needles and blood, so I went to the Business Academy, where I decided to continue in this direction with two of my classmates.

Following on from the previous question, what exactly do you currently do?
I have been working at SOPHISTIC Pro finance a.s. for approximately 5 years. First as an assistant to the director (my husband), I am currently in the position of "consultant" and in the future I want to follow a managerial path (building a company and leading people).

What attracted you to the WERO ČSEF SICAV Qualified Investors Fund? Did you already have any knowledge of the fund or the company Wero Holding, or was it your first contact at Colorsof Finance?
I must honestly admit that I met your company for the first time at Colors of Finance, through your hostesses, who told us about the possibility of participating in your competition. My tip was purely random. Never in my life would I have thought that I would be so close to the right answer. Based on the information sent by you about the Wero ČSEF Sicav fund, I dare to say that the fund is intended for qualified investors, where I see the main advantages mainly in the fact that it is a conservative investment with a very attractive return, with the possibility of investing a lower amount, which we have in Slovakia , because most of our funds intended for qualified investors start at EUR 50,000. I see the biggest advantage in the fact that they are so-called "green investments", where priority is invested in renewable resources, which is gaining great popularity these days.
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