ESG 2023 awards gala evening
9. 10. 2023
The social responsibility endowment fund FONTE VITAE to support educational and scientific projects in the field of environmental protection, social responsibility and sustainability announced the ESG 2023 awards for the first time in the Czech Republic.
The acronym ESG ("Environmental, Social, and Governance") refers to new requirements in the area of social responsibility, corporate governance and environmental sustainability
On this occasion, we asked the president of Fonte Vitae, actor and environmental activist Peter Vack, what led to the idea of organizing this event: "All my life I have been trying to support ecology, Greenpeace and I am not indifferent to our globe and the environment in which we live. I'm glad that I'm not alone in this and people are no longer indifferent to what brand they buy products and services from, what company they work for and where they invest their time and, of course, money. And I am very glad that younger and younger people are thinking about it. They are interested in whether the company is fair to its employees and customers, whether it treats nature and its surroundings with care, whether it donates money to charitable purposes and, last but not least, whether it acts transparently and in accordance with the law. And it is for these reasons that we organized the ESG AWARDS 2023.
The general partner of the entire CEN ESG 2023 awarding ceremony was the WERO ČSEF Sicav a.s. qualified investors fund. "We are trying to show that public education and the efforts of entrepreneurs to treat the planet and people with respect makes sense, and can also pay off," said the representative of the general partner Ing. Jaroslav Duriš.
The expert committee awarded awards in the following categories:
1) Environmental - the award in this category (for contribution to the environment) was taken by Jiří F. Potužník, its mastermind, for the S.A.W.E.R. technology, which was developed by UCEEB CTU scientists for the EXPO in Dubai, and which independently produces water from the air. “S.A.W.E.R. it already won the prize for the best innovation at the EXPO and its development continues - the latest version named EWA is completely mobile and even has bulletproof protection," said Jiří F. Potužník, general commissioner for EXPO 2020, when accepting the award, and then added, "but if it appears in some conflict, so only on the right side.'
2) Social – the award in this category was won by the architectural firm SIEBERT + TALAŠ, among others the winner of the BIG SEE Architecture Award 2023 for the Nivy project. The award for the company was accepted by Miroslava Pobišová, COO
3) Management and management – the award in this category went to the Czech-Slovak family company CLEANEE s.r.o., which has long been dedicated to researching nanotechnologies inspired by nature, and which successfully transfers these technologies to the production of its ECO products. Mauricio Espinosa, CEO of the company, accepted the award for the company.
4) Extraordinary contribution - the award in this last category was received by Olga Menzelová together with Miroslav Bárta, a scientist and member of the prestigious American Academy of Sciences and Arts, who have been organizing ecological educational exhibitions traveling around the most visited centers of Czech and foreign cities for six years. "We are the first ever civilization that cannot recycle or return most of what it produces to nature," said the author of world-renowned books on the history, development, decline and regeneration of civilizations, "and this applies to the entire planet."
In conclusion, the representative of the general partner of CEN ESG 2023, Jaroslav Ďuriš, shared his clear vision: "In the development of our civilization, it only took a few decades before enthusiasm for the achievements of the scientific and technological revolution was replaced by concern for the fate of our planet. It is imperative to start addressing this urgently, and ESG principles are the right way to go. We are trying to contribute financially and with our efforts to the education and promotion of a sustainable direction of behavior, which is why we supported the awarding of CEN ESG and we firmly believe that this has succeeded in establishing a tradition."
The well-known glass artist and jeweler Gordana Glass delivered the original artistically rendered prizes for the winners in the individual categories. The musical part of the evening was provided by the band Pendl.
The foundation fund represented by its president – actor and environmental activist Petr Vack – was established in 2022 and its primary goal was to support projects focused on the protection and use of water resources. The awarding of ESG awards in the Czech and Slovak Republics extends its scope to other areas of environmental and social responsibility and is the first project of its kind in Europe.
Applications for next year and other information can be found at
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