3. 7. 2023
On June 23, 2023, the "ESG 2023 Slovakia Awards" ceremony was held at the Radisson Blu Bratislava hotel. The evening was accompanied by a pair of moderators Ivana Jirešová and Roman Pomajbo. The organizer, the Fonte Vitae Foundation, was represented by Martin Dejdar, and the general partner of the event, the qualified investors fund WERO ČSEF AQUA a.s., Ing. Jaroslav Duriš. The musical part of the evening was taken care of by the singer Marta Jandová and her entourage, and the dance performance at the beginning of the evening was danced by students of the Dance Conservatory Eva Jaczková.
The ESG acronym (Environmental, Social, Governance) refers to a societal vision supported by legislation and related efforts for sustainable development through the adoption and application of practices of a responsible approach by organizations to the environment, people and management. The level of adoption and application of ESG practices by organizations can be measured using standardized methodologies and the achieved "scores" can be compared to each other. The information obtained helps in particular institutional and private investors when deciding on the conditions for the provision of funds, in accordance with the prescribed requirements for taking into account the social responsibility of funded organizations, or individual preferences and interest in supporting long-term sustainable forms of operation and business.
E – Environmental
The Environmental area refers to socially responsible behavior, which is manifested by continuous efforts to minimize negative environmental impacts in the entire operational chain leading to the preservation of biodiversity, to the reduction of greenhouse gas and waste production, to the careful management of resources by promoting their recycling and circulation, to the promotion use of renewable resources, to reduce needs, consumption, etc.
S – Social  (social area)
The Social area refers to socially responsible organizational behavior that is positively manifested by continuous efforts to improve and maintain a high level of mutual relations between individuals, communities and organizations leading to the creation of a safe operating environment, tolerance and inclusion of diversity, respect for equality and human rights.
G – Governance
The area of Governance refers to socially responsible organizational behavior, which is positively manifested by continuous efforts for proper management practices leading to compliance with ethical rules, maintaining integrity, transparency and legal compliance in the operation and activities of the organization, among other things, also in relation to applied Environmental practices and Social area
ESG refers to new requirements in the area of social responsibility and environmental sustainability. Prizes were awarded for 4 areas - environment, society, corporate governance and extraordinary contribution.
The award in the "environment" category went to Tesla Energy Group a.s. The award was accepted by Mr. Peter Stančík
The award in the "social" category went to Children's Surgery - OZ SLNIEČKO NA CESTE. The award was accepted by Mrs. Lenka Tašková Valicová.
The award in the "management and management" category was won by Mercedes Benz Panónska. The award was accepted by Mr. Július Šabo.
The world-renowned tater tot Ivana Beláková received the award for extraordinary contribution.
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