Kick-off of the WERO ČMEF SICAV a.s. fund in Žluté lázně
6. 11. 2021
This week we gathered in Žluté lázně to launch our new investment technology sub-fund ČMEF AQUA. And what are its goals? 
🔵 To be a major investor in water sector projects in the form of efficient water supply and treatment solutions for regions, cities, municipalities, agricultural cooperatives and private companies operating in the Czech Republic. 
🔵 To offer the Fund's clients a medium or long-term investment in a diversified portfolio of projects with real capital, low volatility and attractive returns. 
🔵 To support and develop projects with positive impacts and environmental effects.  During the event, guests were able to see a mobile water treatment plant that transformed dirty water from the Vltava River into water that meets drinking water standards in no time🚰. Many thanks to all our partners and guests who came to the event and who care about one of our most precious resources 💙.
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