SUSTAINABILITY AND CIVILIZATION – a unique outdoor exhibition that points to the necessity of changing the thinking and behavior of today's society
29. 1. 2024
A sustainable future not only for our children – a topic that resonates mainly in the western part of the world, and which is dealt with in the third thematic exhibition written by Professor Miroslav Bárta and his collaborators. The ceremonial opening of the exhibition will take place on January 17 at Masaryk Square in Jihlava. As part of the exhibition, from January 17 to February 11, 2024, it will be possible to view 39 comprehensive themes on solar-illuminated panels, which are accessible 24 hours a day for free.

Sustainable development and the future of our children is currently a hot and topical topic. It is not only about recycling, environmentally sustainable materials, climate change, food waste, but also water and water management as such. "The idea of sustainability in this exhibition primarily represents a vision of the functioning of the world and of each of us, which can direct us to a better, cleaner and more sustainable world. We are the first civilization that is in many ways global in terms of the movement of capital, information and products. Our problems are also planetary. In order to manage them and to achieve a sustainable way of life, we need the vision and cooperation of all of us," says one of the authors of the exhibition, Prof. M.Sc. Miroslav Bárta, Dr., archaeologist and Egyptologist, newly appointed member of the American Academy of Sciences.

The current exhibition, following on from the "Water and Civilization" and "Energy and Civilization" exhibitions, emphasizes, among other things, the topic of migration and sustainability, as pointed out by another of the authors, social geographer from the Faculty of Science of the Charles University doc. RNDr. Eva Janská, Ph.D.: "Migration and sustainability are two topics that are increasingly important in today's world. Migration can have a significant impact on the environment, society and economy and is one of the biggest challenges we face. However, if managed properly and linked to sustainable development, migration can also be used as a means to achieve sustainable development. Linking migration and sustainability is important for the future of our planet and how we live and manage our resources.”

"The change in thinking about energy should be permanent. It's about changing the way we think about how we produce energy, how we consume it. But also about changing the way we think about how we share it with each other, or how we save it for worse times. The legislative changes we are preparing are intended to make this possible. We are concerned with ensuring enough energy for everyone at affordable prices and also from safe sources. And that starts with us, individuals," emphasizes Ing. Jozef Síkela, Minister of Industry and Trade, whose ministry sponsored this exhibition.

There is only one world. In the course of millennia, it changes radically due to the influence of evolutions and revolutions. For its sustainability, it is necessary to balance the development of three aspects - economic, environmental and social. In an ideal combination, permanent sustainable development will be achieved, which will satisfy current needs without jeopardizing the fulfillment of future needs, adds Mgr. Vítězslav Schrek, MBA., Governor of the Vysočina Region.

I am very happy that we can show you an exhibition here on the Jihlava square that proves that sustainability is not just a word, but a process that concerns us all. If we want to build a functioning sustainable society, we must respect the economic, social and environmental needs of society. Therefore, respect for nature and the environment in which we live as well as a responsible approach to life are important. The future of our children is currently a hot and topical topic. The approach of each of us is therefore important, including whether we can suppress our own benefit and give up something for the benefit of society. If we want to achieve a sustainable way of life, we need clear goals and cooperation from all of us. I thank the organizers of the exhibition for the beautiful examples and inspiration. I believe that even here in Jihlava it will motivate many of us to lead a more responsible life, emphasizes Mgr. Petr Ryška, mayor of Jihlava.

Ing. Daniel Beneš, CEO of the ČEZ Group a.s., which is the general partner of the exhibition, says: "Emission-free renewable and nuclear sources will be a bridge on the way to an emission-free future. The threat of climate change dictates that electricity be produced in an environmentally friendly way. If we speed up the construction of renewable and nuclear sources, strengthen networks, storage and decentralized energy and use modern elements of flexible system management, we will be able to do it."

Ing. Martin Durčák, the chairman of the board of directors of ČEPS, a. s., which is a partner of the exhibition, mainly mentions the new era of energy. "Sustainability is a key topic nowadays, which is prescribed in all fields of human activity. It represents a fundamental paradigm shift for the energy sector. Entering the new low-emission era brings a number of challenges and one fundamental task – to transform the energy industry so that it is sustainable and at the same time the security of electricity supply is preserved. ČEPS is actively participating in this transition and, in cooperation with partners, is implementing a number of innovative projects through which it wants to support the onset of a new era of energy."

The message of the exhibition is to reflect on today's lifestyle and overuse of the (dis)advantages of global civilization. Sustainability is not just about recycling and modern energy, but above all about putting aside personal comfort for the benefit of society as a whole.

Exhibition partners

The general partner of the traveling exhibition is the ČEZ Group, a. s. The partners of the exhibition are the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic, ČEPS, a. s., Wero Energy, a. s., Císař, Češka, Smutný s. r. o., law firm, Museum of the Jihlava Highlands, Vysočina Region, Povodí Vltava, a state enterprise and the Water Management Association of the Czech Republic. The exhibition is held under the auspices of the Minister of the Environment Mgr. Petr Hladík and the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The organizer of the exhibition is the Statutory City of Jihlava.
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